one day (i mean night) a guy made a bet that him and a bunch of noobs can survive being in a haunted mansion for the whole night from 6 pm to 7 am it is going to be scary...

6:00 pm

a guy: well we better go in the haunted mansion

Noob 1: ok

Noob 2: i want to eat tacos

Noob 3: nah

Noob 4 :idk

and so they went in the mansion...

Noob 3: this place seems nice

Noob 1: ikr

a guy: it looks nice now but when it turns night...

Noob 2: u r paranoid

Noob 4: what do we do wile we wait

Noob 3: why dont we play a board game

Noob 1: ok

a guy: fine


7 pm

they play the board game


8 pm

the sky is dark

Noob 2: i needs to pee

a guy: ok

Noob 2 goes to the toiley (i mean toilet)

Noob 3: i think i heard something

Noob 1: me too

a guy: it was probably Noob 2 using the toilet

Noob 4: im hungry

Noob 1: me too

Noob 3: lets look for food

They went to the kichen

Noob 3: hey noob 2 should be done by now

a guy: i will go check

a guy goes up the stairs

a guy: noob 2 are u there?


a guy: he might have went to a different room

Noob 1: did you find him

a guy: no


9 pm

Noob 4: i am going to look for Noob 2

Noob 1: ok

Noob 4 goes up the stairs



Noob 1: idk

a guy: i think that was a ghost

all lights turn off

Noob 4: OOF

Noob 3: O NO NOOB 4 DYED

Noob 2: AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

a guy: where have you been Noob 2

Noob 2: i fell into the basement

a guy: oh well Noob 4 Dyed i think

Noob 2: WAT!!!!!!

to be continued...